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The State of Poverty
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Module 1
Module 1

Module 1 of the CSBG Annual Report replaces Sections A-C and parts of Section D from the CSBG Information Systems Survey (CSBG IS). It is the State Administration module of the new CSBG Annual Report and is completed by State CSBG Administrators. Module 1 is based on the Federal Fiscal Year (FFY) and includes information on State administration of CSBG funding, including information on distribution of funds to Eligible Entities, use of State administrative funds and discretionary funds for training and technical assistance (T/TA), as well as information on Eligible Entity progress in meeting the Organizational Standards, and the State’s progress in meeting accountability measures related to State monitoring, T/TA and other critical areas.

OCS released   Action Transmittal 2017-01 on the Submission of Module 1 of the CSBG Annual Report for Fiscal Year (FY) 2016   . This Action Transmittal provided a one time extension for submitting Module 1 in OLDC from March 31, 2017 to  April 7, 2017.   The due date for submission of the FY16 CSBG IS to NASCSP was also extended to  April 7, 2017. 

The first submission of Module 1 into the Online Data Collection System occurred on April 7, 2017.


Module 1 Resources:

CSBG Annual Report - Module 1: State Administration Instruction Manual  - This document contains detailed instructions to guide your completion of Module 1.

Module 1 FAQs and Highlights  - This 2-page flyer provides quick, important information about completing Module 1.

Module 1 Word Document  – Module 1, State Administration of the CSBG Annual Report is now available in a word document.

OLDC Demos:  

Take a look at these quick videos demonstrating how to complete each section of Module 1 in OLDC:  Section A  ,  Section B  ,  Section C  ,  Section D  ,  Section E  ,  Section F  ,  Section G  ,  Section H  ,  Section I


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